....ICHOA gold bracelet | Camille Enrico..Bracelet ICHOA | Camille Enrico....


....ICHOA gold bracelet | Camille Enrico..Bracelet ICHOA | Camille Enrico....

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Adjustable bracelet in brass covered with 24K gold and cotton thread

  • Color : turquoise
  • Plate dimensions : 1 cm x 3 cm

All Camille Enrico's Jewelry is hand-made in France. Each piece is hand-embroidered exclusively to order in Paris, which makes it unique and exceptional.

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About Camille Enrico

Nomadic by nature, Man evolves through interactions with other cultures he meets along the way. Some places and encounters are so powerful that they can change the path of a traveler. Camille Enrico has found her inspiration in places she has visited throughout the world. Her pieces of jewelry are a reflection of the cultural diversity she has witnessed during her numerous trips. An idea, a shape, a detail has sprung from each encounter with ethnic tribes worldwide, helping her forge, step by step, her own personal DNA. It’s a blend of precious and raw materials, of ancient and modern techniques, of shimmering and trendy colors, and of uncluttered yet sophisticated pieces. Her jewelry is taken to another level of refinement thanks to the French savoir faire. The metal is molded, carved, pierced, engraved, lacquered all by hand, and then plunged into a bath of gold. Sometimes, it’s even embroidered again. Bon voyage. 

After getting a Stylist-Modelist diploma at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués in Paris, she pursued a Master’s degree in the Development of Fashion Products at l’Ecole Supérieure de l’Industrie du Vêtement. Camille Enrico then worked for five years for a famous Parisian Fashion House, Tara Jarmon, as a purchaser and later as a ready-to-wear stylist. She is now following her own path and is set to take off on an incredible journey. « I felt the need to travel, to open my mind to other cultures, to meet new people from different backgrounds in order to boost my creativity. The decision to leave by myself was difficult to make, but I finally found the courage to do it and left everything behind me ». The idea of launching her own jewelry brand came to her while travelling around the world. She has constructed the essence of the brand during her numerous trips abroad by confronting different cultures and by adding her personal touch.


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