....Gemstones of the Andes | Obsidian & Sodalite..Gemmes des Andes | Obsidienne & Sodalite....

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Gemmes Sodalite WHITE.jpeg
118.1 Obsidienne-Sodalite BLANC.jpeg
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....Gemstones of the Andes | Obsidian & Sodalite..Gemmes des Andes | Obsidienne & Sodalite....


An original Motché Paris-Lima collection inspired by the powerful Andean gemstones

  • Pair of bracelets decorated with natural gemstones and 950/1000 silver plaques 
  • Very resistant black nylon thread
  • Sliding knots adjustable closure
  • For both men and women
  • Gemstones : Obsidian & Sodalite for Protection and Serenity
  • Entirely handcrafted at the Motché workshop in Peru by dedicated artisans

This pair of bracelets comes in a box with pouch & Certificate of Authenticity

Initiez-vous aux pouvoirs des pierres précolombiennes : Obsidienne/Protection & Sodalite/Sérénité, confiance, lâcher-prise

  • Parure composée de deux bracelets ornés d’une gemme et d’une pampille en argent 950/1000 sur fil nylon noir
  • Dimensions pierres : 1 cm de côté
  • Taille ajustable - noeuds coulissants
  • Bijou entièrement façonné à la main par un artisan péruvien

Ce bijou est livré dans un écrin avec pochette et certificat d'authenticité.

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Among pre-Columbian peoples, rare and colorful gemstones were highly valued. Cut by hand, they were used to make necklaces and bracelets, which reinforced the high status of both women and men. These mysterious adornments were granted the same importance as gold and silver. 


Motché jewelry

MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA combines specialist scientific knowledge with rare ancient technologies to create exceptional jewelry. After several years of research, Motché's founder and designer, Carole Fraresso, based her doctoral thesis on Andean metallurgy. The young archaeologist decided to settle in Peru and, in the intimate setting of museum collections, inspired by the most beautiful international collections, she embarked upon the task of designing her first pieces. She designed her first exclusive collection of jewelry for Lima’s Larco Museum, reinventing the concept of pre-Columbian jewelry making.

 One of the techniques employed by MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA is the working of thin sheets of gold and silver (less than 1 mm thick), worked by hand and shaped through embossing, a process involving skill and delicacy gained from many years of experience. The jewelry created using these methods is defined by its lightness, facilitating the combining of what are often imposing dimensions with great mobility in terms of form.



MOTCHÉ PARIS-LIMA chooses to operate in workshops designed on a human scale, supporting dedicated local artisans who are the repositories of ancient manufacturing techniques. Production is limited because of the time and care invested in their craft by our metalworkers and gem cutters, who are among the few who still practice these ancestral trades.


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