"Orejeras Sinú" with Black Onyx | Large Drop Earrings

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AP1010-41 onyx 75€.png

"Orejeras Sinú" with Black Onyx | Large Drop Earrings


These earrings are inspired by a pre-Hispanic pair of earrings displayed in the Gold Museum in Bogota, dating back to the Zenú civilization (200 BC -AD 1600).
Every piece from this collection is plated in 24-karat gold with a beautiful and warm matte finish that diffuses light.

  • Hanging length : 5,7 cm

  • Handcrafted in Colombia

These earrings are delivered in a gift box

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The Zenú culture

The Zenú lived in the tropical Caribbean plains - northern Colombia - a region of marshes, estuaries and grasslands. They controlled the water by building a system of canals and artificial platforms. At the height of their civilization, they buried their leaders in tombs with impressive gold breastplates and other ornaments.

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