Seashell-shaped Stud Earrings


Seashell-shaped Stud Earrings


These earrings are inspired by a pre-Hispanic seashell-shaped artifact displayed in the Gold Museum in Bogota.
Every piece from this collection is plated in 24-karat gold with a beautiful and warm matte finish that diffuses light.

  • Length : 1,7 cm

  • Handcrafted in Colombia

These earrings are delivered in a gift box

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Seashells and land snail shells were highly valued throughout South and Central America. Traders carried a wide range from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts to highland communities. Conch shells were used for body ornaments and musical instruments, while some shells were used crushed and ingested as part of ritual practices, and others were offered to the gods. The fact that shells were also cast in gold show their importance and value to the ancient Colombian people.

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