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Muisca earrings | Galeria Eldorado


These earrings are inspired by a pre-Hispanic pair of earrings displayed in the Gold Museum in Bogota, dating back to the Muisca period (600 AD - 1600 AD).
Every piece from this collection is plated in 24-karat gold with a beautiful and warm matte finish that diffuses light.

  • Size : Ø 1,8 cm

  • Handcrafted in Colombia

These earrings are delivered in a gift box

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About the Muisca

People in the Muisca region - Eastern Cordillera of Colombia - settled on the high plains of the Andes around AD 600. Their homes were scattered over the mountainsides and valleys, but they came together at important times of the year for ceremonies in which gold was particularly important, for instance those that took place at Lake Guatavita. Small votive figures - or tunjos - made by specialists who depicted human beings, animals and scenes of political and social life, were placed by Muisca people across their territory, under special landmarks such as rocks and trees, and in caves, rivers and lakes (places believed to be gateways to different worlds) as offerings to the gods.

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